How long do you have to wait for results?

Hint; the longer you wait, the faster you will quit

The 3 Critical Steps that Success will Demand from You...Are these Yours?

1. Are you exhausted from trying worn out techniques that only treat the symptoms of your struggle instead of the cause? You must work with the cause since symptoms will disappear only to come back (with a vengeance) in another area of your life (think giving up smoking to just pack on big pounds) 

2. Even though you despise your bad struggle, is there is a part of you that does not know how you will get along with out it? Whatever is holding you back is trying to protect you. If you don't figure out how get that protection in a healthy way, it will begin to treat you as the threat (this is the reason why the mental itty-bitty-shitty committee in your head can get so loud)

3. You want to move ahead but does it seems that as soon as you make progress, life falls apart? The part of your mind that runs your success/failure habits doesn't want to learn anything it will try to stop you by making you supersensitive to what's not working (you'll need to get it on your side if you want rapid results)   

It's time for a proven, step by step process that will move you away from your painful struggle...rapidly...and into patterns designed to support the Healthy You!

Your next step: 

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