I walked out of the spa therapy room infused with a profound sense of well-being… Just to have it shattered by my attendant oopsshoving a dozen little sample packet into my hands and beginning product pitches on items I didn't care about, didn’t want and wasn’t going to buy. Are you doing the same with your clients?

A few weeks ago my youngest son gave me a specialty spa facial as a birthday gift. Since it was my 50th birthday, I was excited to slough off the old and begin a new chapter of my life with a new skin care regime. This is exactly what I told my facial specialist, that I needed a new routine to match how my skin had changed. BUT I told her that I keep things as simple as possible which meant I only wanted a cleanser and possibly moisturizer. Did she listen, no.

Instead she tried to sell me every single product she used on my face. In doing so, she completely overwhelmed me. And when any of us become overwhelmed, we shut down. This results in NO SALE. Are you missing the clues that your potential clients are giving you that points to a sale? Are you giving so many options that you are overwhelming your clients, and they're shutting down? What can you do so you meet your clients buying criteria as well as make a sale?

Here are three simple steps for Sales Success:

1. The mind ALWAYS takes the path of least resistance. Find out if your potential clients are using a service and/or a product similar to yours. If they are, find one or two areas where they can begin to use you in place of their old, outdated habit. If they are not currently using something like you, then give them one simple step that they can take to begin with you. If my facial specialist would have listened to my verbal cues, she would have discovered I needed cleanser and moisturizer and would have made that sale.

2. The trigger, the routine, the end result. Neuroscience tells us that these are the three components that make up habits. The trigger is something in the environment that sets off the habit, the routine is the habit itself, and the end result is what we hope to get from the habit. For example, smokers expect their cigarettes to bring them the end results of stress relief or giving them permission to take a moment for them. Emotional overeaters can expect food to bring them the results of comfort, or reward.

Find out the end results your potential clients are searching for. Then match your product and/or service to those end results. Instead, too many salespeople tried to sell the process which is what my facial specialist focused on, what products I should be using in what order. I wasn't in the market to buy products; I was looking to invest in beautiful skin. Your clients are not wanting to buy a process, they are ready to invest in specific, tangible end results.

3. Only the routine/habit can be modified. In step number two I talked about the three pieces of a habit: the trigger, the routine, the end result. Science tells us that the trigger and end result will always be present. The only thing that can be modified is the routine/habit that connects the two. This is where you want to insert your product/service, during the routine. But first you need to discover what triggers your clients into their old habit/routine. Is it a person, a place, the time of day?

Simply point out to your potential clients that every time they experience this trigger, they are going to run their old routine and get the same old end results. Then you can share how they can keep those old triggers but now they can easily insert your product/service for the enhanced quality of life end results they desire. It would have been so easy for me to use a different cleanser and moisturizer than what I was currently using. But the facial specialist lost me as soon as she started adding on products I wasn’t ready to incorporate.

Overwhelm your clients and not only do you lose the sale right then, you lose the future ability to present to them again. Keep it simple by offering just one or two easy steps that they can take with you. Steps that will fit in to the routines they already have in place AND will bring them the results they've been wanting but missing.

Dawn Ferguson

Business Hypnotist and Coach