How many hundreds would it be worth if you could close an extra 20% in sales?...50%...75%?


You must Close the Sale. If you don't, you have an expensive hobby NOT a bankable business!

BUT...You don't want to be pushy or salesy; asking someone to buy doesn't feel right, you'd rather show them how much you can help them

... You need to generate cash and clients right now but you don't have the time/resources to invest in complicated advertising that may not pay off

...You're extremely stuck because you don't know how to share the value of your work in a way that empowers others to say yes to their Success!

... You don't know what to do when the potential clients says they can't afford it so you discount and give-it-away, only to feel frustrated when people don't value you

You can be of service to others and be prosperously rewarded for that work. We are ready to teach you how to do it with a step by step process that will streamline your sales process. Now you can serve more people, make more money while working less!

xHow to askHow to Ask for the Sale AND Get it

Instant Access Course

>> Learn the purpose of EVERY conversation; without this your potential client can get lost in their story and take you along for a ride

>> The difference between marketing and selling; now your presentation will be built around what your audience needs, not you

>> How to reveal the need to take quick action; it's easy to do with extra's and bonuses  

>> What is the buying criteria for your potential clients so you can sell what they really need; this allows to you to feel at ease and in-charge

>> How to offer inspired action testimonials (social proof) in a way that motivates your potential clients; you're not bragging- you're sharing

>> The exact word-for-word script for your presentation that will take your potential client from interested into invested!

> > BONUS: how to handle those dreaded words-I can't afford it-in a way that leaves everyone a winner (plus how to handle other common objections to success)

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As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us direct (636) 699-7791.

Dawn and Drew

P.S. This is the same system we have used for over 14 years to successfully take clients from maybe to how quickly can I say yes. But don't take our word for it, use it for yourself and experience rapid results!  And, if you find this system is not a fit for you, contact us within 30 days. We'll extend you a full credit towards another product/program/service!

How to ask