The 3 Critical Questions and the Keys that will Unlock Your Success

Are you exhausted from trying worn out techniques that only treat the symptoms of your struggle instead of the cause?

You must work with the cause since symptoms will disappear only to come back (with a vengeance) in another area of your life (think giving up smoking to just pack on big pounds)


Even though you despise your bad habit, is there is a part of you that does not know how you will get along without it?

Whatever is holding you back is trying to protect you. If you don't figure out how get that protection in a healthy way, it will begin to treat you as the threat (this is the reason why the mental itty-bitty-shitty committee in your head can get so loud)


You want to move ahead but does it seem that as soon as you make progress life falls apart?

The part of your mind that runs your success/failure habits doesn't want to learn anything new...so it will try to stop you by making you super-sensitive to what's not working (you'll need to get it on your side if you want rapid results)

We get it; you tried to change in the past, but it didn’t last

Did you know:

What you have right now in life (money, health, career, relationships) is a result of your identity.

Challenge is who you think you are isn't something you developed! It was handed to you when you were a child and reinforced by your circumstances and conditioning as you grew.

Let's make sure that your actions, emotions and beliefs are in integrity with where you want to be.

Your mind will do anything to avoid pain.

But this does not mean that you will automatically go for your dreams, visions and goals. Instead it stays focused on the fear, keeping you stuck and struggling because the pain it knows is better than the unknown.

Let's convert fear into energy so you can move forward rapidly.

You can be so focused on your goals that you find yourself either re-living past mistakes or projecting futures problems. Either way, you're not present or happy with what you have.

Let's align all of you so you can learn from your past, design your future and feel great, Now!

You’ve been taught how to solve problems but that is NOT Enough

It’s Time You Started Living and Loving the Life of Your Design

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We invite you to join us and experience how You reveal Who You Really Are!

You can do this ONCE AND FOR ALLDawn and Drew Ferguson, CI, CH

By harmonizing your thoughts, emotions and actions. But we don't stop there...we then help you to turn this into a way of being for life lasting results. We are here to make it happen for You! End those excuses, empty promises and procrastination...

Receive results you can see, feel and hear IMMEDIATELY!

BUT first you may ask:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness and concentration combined with relaxation. Most people are surprised to find that they drift in and out of a light hypnotic state many times during the day; while driving or intently focusing on something.

We help you reach a deeper form of this state in a relaxed, controlled setting. During this time your subconscious is available for positive input for the Success that you want to achieve. Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind to achieve your positive conscious goals.

Can I be hypnotized?

ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis; you are always in control. Your Hypnotist is a facilitator and guide. Actually those who are strong willed with above average intelligence find they achieve excellent results.

Will I cluck like a chicken or tell where the family jewels are?

Well, we haven’t work with anyone (yet) who has treasure buried in their backyard AND we don’t need any eggs, either. All kidding aside, you are aware of all suggestions given to you, and you won’t do anything against your will. We know, we tried this on our kids when they were still living at home. And we could NOT get them to do the dishes or clean their rooms (darn it)!

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

When was the last time you heard of someone being rushed to the emergency room with chronic hypnosis? If you were placed in a hypnotic state and the therapist left, you would naturally drift off to sleep for a few minutes, awaking refreshed.

What’s my next step?

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