We have all heard of athletes who visualize their performance before they take to the field of battle.  The golfer who sees the perfect putt in his mind, or the gymnast going through her floor exercise over and over in her mind while sitting on the bench.  We can accept that these athletes can do this to enhance their performance.  People would watch me walking around the pre-grid in tight little circles, turning left and right, zigzagging around with my helmet visor down and wonder what the (&*%^$) I was doing.  Visualizing the race 003.JPG croptrack that I had walked numerous times that morning, executing the perfect lap in my mind.  Not only was I able to shave serious amounts of time from my laps, but it did a very good job of psyching my competition right out of their shorts.

Dawn refers to this as putting myself “in the zone”.  It’s true, I would get so intensely focused on what I was about to do that if spoken to, I would either ignore you or snap at you for breaking my focus.  That is being “in the zone“.  I’m  not saying that we need to reach that level of intensity in our daily lives.  That would overload our fight or flight reflex.  I am saying that if you want to perform better for any reason at all, try visualization.

The subconscious mind is a true wonder.  If you imagine something, it reacts as though it actually happened.  Research has found that the body goes through all of the same body chemistry changes whether it has experiences imagery or reality.  Fight or flight reflex, sexual arousal, lower blood pressure, heart rate, even stimulation to the immune system can be achieved through visualization.  You can even use visualization through self-hypnosis to make certain changes including ending some unwanted habits, patterns, and behaviors.

Visualization can be used for relaxation, to make you more comfortable in situations that used to confound you.  Use visualization to tap that inner strength, hope, courage, patience, and perseverance, even love.

How do you get started?  Imagine, think about, see in your mind’s eye your very favorite place in the whole world, or in your world.  This is your safe place.  The place where all is right in your world.  It may be a real place, or your favorite daydream place.  This is your sanctuary.  In your sanctuary you can do anything.  Now that you are there, see yourself go through the motions of what you want to do.  See what it looks like, feel the feelings connected with it, and hear the comments of others as they admire your performance.  Feel the emotion of satisfaction in yourself for doing your best for your best is not just good enough, oh no, your best is the best, period.

Where do you use it?  That is up to you, but don’t limit yourself.  Your performance of any number of subjects can be improved just by “seeing it through”.  Maybe the best start is to take a few minutes each morning and imagine, think about, see in your mind’s eye how well your day is going to flow for you at home, work, or school.  Visualize a series of small but significant successes.  With each day you find it easier to add to the previous day’s successes.  This is a cycle of progress that can and will work for you.


Drew Ferguson

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