No Charge Hypnosis Session with Intern

No Charge Hypnosis Sessions with our Interns!

What do you need to let go of OR take action on? 

Fear of Public Speaking (or any fear)
Too much; procrastination, sugar, caffeine, carbs
Stop Smoking (or stopping any bad habit)
Overcoming sleeplessness
Turning stress into energy
Asking for what you're worth
Performance enhancement (sports, business, school)

We'll get right to it: Two things are standing in the way of your goal, right now...You either need to let go of a bad habit OR You need to take action for Results

Put BOTH of them together and you have Success. We are gifting you the ability to do BOTH, with a Private Hypnosis Session for Rapid Results (yep, that means it's No-Charge)!

As a way to give back to the community, our Spring Graduating Class of Certified Hypnotist's must perform 3 Hypnosis Sessions-no charge. A private paid session with one of our interns runs $247 and up, so this Gifted Hypnosis Session is a real value!

We are offering you the ability to book your private Hypnosis Session with one of our interns. You can even book more than one session, if you have multiple goals you want to achieve! (but first come, first serve).

Here's Your 5 Steps to No-Charge Hypnosis Success!

  1. You must be able to attend your Gifted Hypnosis Session in-person at our offices in St. Charles, MO
  2. Once you click on the below session link, you'll be taken to the calendar for available session days and times
  3. You may reserve up to 2 sessions for yourself, but you'll need to click on the below link separately for each one
  4. You will receive a reminder call 24 hours before your session. If for some reason you must cancel, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required (hey, it's simple courtesy, right!)
  5. Click HERE to set your session

Questions about this gifted session? Call us quick before they're all taken (636) 699-7791

Dawn and Drew Ferguson, CI, CH