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  • Stop Smoking: I want to quit, butt: what do I do with the stress in my life, what if I gain weight, I've tried in the past and it didn't last. In as little as one session, you can be free, Forever!
  • Stress: the desire to choke someone who richly deserves it! But since that is not an option, let us show you how to take that emotion and turn it into extra energy for achievement!
  • Fear: heights, public speaking, animals and snakes. This is the conditioned reaction that your mind/body used at one time to keep you safe. But what worked when you were 8 can now hold you back at 28, 48, etc. Let's give you new options that will bring you rapid, In-Control Results!
  • Pain Control (with a Dr.'s referral only): whether a temporary challenge (childbirth, dental procedures) or a longer term situation (chemo for cancer), Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to speed up healing while reducing the need for pain medication.
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  • Weight Reduction: diets and exercise programs only treat the symptoms of your un-wanted, un-needed weight. It's time we peeled back the layers to treat the cause and reveal the real you!
  • Test taking and memory retention: you know the material but when it's time to focus and deliver, you freeze. Then later, when the perceived threat is removed, all that info comes flooding back. Let's unlock your wisdom so you can easily access it, when you need it, as you need it!
  • Athletic Performance: you've trained your body, now it's time to strengthen your mind. Whatever their discipline, every athlete agrees that the game is won or lost before they even take the field. Whether you are a weekend warrior on the field or a paid professional on the circuit, it's time to move your performance from mediocre into magnificent!


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  • Self worth, self esteem, self confidence: what you have right now in life (money, health, career, relationships) is a result of your identity. Challenge is, who you think you are isn't something you developed! It was handed to you when you were a child and reinforced by your circumstances and conditions as you grew. Let's make sure that your actions, emotions and beliefs are in integrity with where you want to be.
  • Fear of Failure or Success: your mind will do anything to avoid pain. But this does not mean that you will automatically go for your dreams, visions and goals. Instead it stays focused on the fear, keeping you stuck and struggling. Let's give the fear an appropriate focus so you can move forward rapidly.
  • Is something missing: you can be so focused on your goals that you find yourself either re-living past mistakes or projecting futures problems. Either way, you're not present or happy with what you have. Let's align all of you so you can learn from your past, design your future and feel great, Now!

Your Destiny is not determined by your conditions. Instead, you choose it with your directional decisions. Make the decision now to move in a new directions for your Potential, Power and Success.

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