Dear Friend,

Are you...

>>> Someone who knows what you should be doing to improve the quality of your life, but you struggle with repeating bad habits and patterns?

>>> Tired of trying to "fix" your problems without ever really getting to the cause?

>>> Afraid that life is always going to be a struggle for you?

>>> Committed to growing yourself personally, but not if it means more of what Does Not work?

You are in the right place! We know how frustrating it is to want to transform your life, only to be met with failure over and over again. Here's the challenge; everything you do, every habit, every pattern, every action you take, is designed to get one of your Personality needs met. 

Changing your actions, or trying to think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions doesn't Work!  The reason is because that original need is still going unmet... This is our Specialty; helping you discover what Your Personality  is, then turning it into a Strength so you can live a life of Passion and Purpose!

This is your invitation to join us in this journey of self-discovery through

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As a SMC Member, you'll receive monthly benefits to support you in revealing your very best 

Success-Customized-for-YOU-Coaching Call 

How many times in the past has that new book/program/or home study course failed you? Why? Because there was so much coming at you, there was confusion where to start, what steps to take AND what progress to look for. This is why YOU as our SMC member will receive a private call with us to customize the program to you and your current challenges. 

The complete SMC Library of Personal Development Training Audios (over 5 hours of breakthroughs are waiting)

  • Time Poverty; are you producing it
  • Do you have fear all wrong
  • How OTHERS Will Try to Covertly Sabotage Your Success
  • What it means when you can't heal
  • and MORE added - at least one new class every 45 days!

Download over 36 days of 5 to Thrive: 5-10 minutes of Daily Inspiration to keep you in agreement with your goals!   

  • Where you are is not who you are
  • Are you hanging trash on your wall
  • Poor mouth = poor life
  • When the what if's control your life
  • Are you writing checks for debts that aren't yours
  • When you're the next excuse for their failure
  • You've learned to make life hard
  • and More added every month!


No transformation is possible until you make the decision to invest in Your Success 

(and investing in you is THE best decision you can ever make!)


Terms and Conditions OR How the program works: (payment plan) Your first payment will take place today. Subsequent payments will take place every 30 days thereafter with the credit card you provided us at the pricing above.  If at anytime you wish to cancel, please provide us with AT LEAST 5 days cancellation notice before your next payment date by sending a cancellation email to with the Subject Line: Cancel SMC

 Imagine how life will be for you when… both cropped 2

♥ You wake up in the morning passionate about life and your next steps for Success

♥ You have a plan to focus on your unique brilliance and brightening the lives of others around you

♥ Health, Wealth and Happiness are the foundation of your life

♥ Focus and clarity are yours through done for you templates, forms, and checklists

♥ You have the accountability, support, and customization from Dawn and Drew who are committed to taking you to your next level of Success





Not sure if this program is a fit for you? Then contact us direct at (636) 699-7791.

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