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The Gift of Good Bye

I had taken the houseplant outside to catch some summer rays.  That’s when the squirrel must have buried the acorn.  The warm days wore on and the seed sprouted.  I didn’t notice until fall and it was time to bring the pot in.  I could have left

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Weight Reduction Motivation Menu

Yeah, I’ve felt like the guy in this picture —>>> Why are things that are so good for us can be so hard to do?  Because our mind always takes the path of least resistance in getting our emotional needs met.  Food is one of the easiest ways

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You Have to Market BEFORE You Sell

What is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make with your business that will drive away potential clients, cash, as well as those much needed collaborations? Is it undercharging?  No this will just keep you working long hours for little pay. Is it over delivering?

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Are we there (to Success) yet?

The excitement was reaching a fevered pitch. The four of us kids were piled into the back of my parents land yacht, embarking on  our bi-yearly road trip vacation! Bouncing up and down in the back seat (because there were no seatbelts in those days to keep

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